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The construction industry is one of the toughest and most competitive fields today, and there’s a high chance that you’ll bump into it sooner or later. If you have plans of building a residential or commercial property, then you’ll need to connect with a general contractor that can handle and assist you throughout your project.

Luckily, due to the high competition in the construction industry, you’d find lots of contractors that offer the best of the best services. However, before you begin connecting, you should know how to be specific first. 

For example, our general contractor Utah can give you the quality services you need. We specialize in remodeling! Yes, you heard it right! Our company is happy to showcase the remodeling service we have, which are kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and home remodeling. By trusting us, you can save time and effort in searching for a perfect general contractor.


We Provide Exactly What You Need

We know that Utah is one of the locations where construction is rapidly booming. You’ll find cranes and bulldozers as an ordinary sight, and with this in mind, a general contractor is the star on these projects. However, we want you to know what services our general contractor can give while catering to your needs!

Here at Utah Remodel Work, we have a team of professionals who oversee all the processes in a construction project. Whether it is a construction of a property from scratch or remodeling, our general contractor plays an important role. 

So, the million-dollar question is, what do you exactly need? Are you looking to build a property or plan to remodel one? If you’re looking for a Utah general contractor that specializes in remodeling, you’ve landed on the right place. 

Remodeling Is Our Expertise

Remodeling a property isn’t a one-night process and we would be direct to that. In fact, if you’d ask contractors, they’d say that building a property from scratch is a lot easier than remodeling it. One reason is that you need to carefully plan how you’ll debunk and deconstruct every single detail of the property and replace it with a new one that totally nails. However, since you need it, contractors don’t have the right to complain and you’ll see them do their best to make remodeling an easy peasy deal for you.

So, what exactly is remodeling?

Remodeling is not an alien term for everyone. You’ve probably heard it several times, but for the record, let’s take a look at it. Remodeling is defined as the process of changing or altering parts of a property or even a whole property. You might be confused or associate it with the term ‘renovating’, but you should know that they are completely different from each other. Renovating focuses on updating, upgrading, or tweaking the layout or appearance. Meanwhile, remodeling takes on the remaking of the structure and layout of the property.

Now, digging deeper into the remodeling services you plan to have, you must know that we are what you need. If it’s that hard to explain or understand what remodeling is, doing it is even harder. Luckily, heroes in the shapes of general contractors like us can save you this time around. If you’re not that sure whether to remodel your property or not, you’d better seek help from a Utah general contractor.

Tour your general contractor on your house or establishment, discuss your plans, and ask if it needs to be remodeled or not. Do not try to decide on your own unless you want to waste your financial resources.
We remodel the safe and quality way!
If you’re hesitant whether to hire or not a general contractor for your remodeling project, you should consider first their capabilities and skills. Our general contractor salt lake city has all the resources, talent, and skills in building, remodeling, and renovating different properties. You read it right. Remodeling is also one of our top expertise.

If you’d search on what a general contractor salt lake city can offer, you’d get the same results of services. Some may offer one or two types of remodeling, but we offer more than just parts like the whole remodeling of property. If you want to be sure, then you can hop on our team that has all you need.

You might think that you can just hire laborers to do your remodeling project, right? But the thing is, laborers usually don’t have all the skills necessary to complete a remodeling project. Likewise, if you’d estimate your project and it exceeds $500 costs, then it would be more cost-effective to get our general contractor.

In addition, you’d get to reduce your stress due to your remodeling project and enjoy protection against accidents or injury that could happen.

Who Are We?

A Team of Reliable Utah General Contractors for Home and Business Remodeling Needs.

With years of experience in being a general contractor Utah that specializes in remodeling. Whether it is a big or small job we’ll make sure to work with you and provide the best proposal that is right for you at the most affordable cost.

General Contractor Utah Services

As stated earlier, a general contractor can offer one, two, or even a complete set of remodeling services. But luckily, you’d find our company that can offer three main services which are bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and home remodeling. Now, what’s the difference between each service, and when do you need one? 

Kitchen remodeling might also be one of the services you need. This is basically changing your kitchen and then replacing it with a brand new structure and fixtures. This includes almost all works you can think of such as demolition, plumbing, electrical, lighting, flooring, countertops, sinks, cabinets, and appliances. This is tough work so you’ll definitely need our help for this one. 

When we remodel a bathroom, it’s more of adding or replacing fixtures, instead, you reconstruct it. You need bathroom remodeling if you want to change the whole structure of it because you either found a new idea, to begin with, or you want to expand it. This entails deconstruction, planning a new layout, and then reconstructing it. You can choose to relocate or add specific fixtures such as sauna, whirlpool, walk-in shower, steam room, and more. This type of service only focuses on the bathroom itself and no other parts of the house should be altered.

Home remodeling is a general and broad service. This is what you need if you want to remodel or change your whole property. It includes demolition, adding spaces or new levels to the house, cosmetic changes, exterior changes such as garden or parking lot, and other upgrades or additions. Home remodeling might be challenging because you and your general contractor need to consider the old structure before you can start the demolition process and put your new plans into work. 

What you need to expect when remodeling your property 

Before you remodel a property, you need to set the right expectations. First off we want you to know that there’s no shortcut in remodeling, and expect that everything would be a hassle. Likewise, if you think your budget would be cut short, you might want to set aside it first until you have enough financial resources. It is hard to start a remodeling project without enough resources because it would lose momentum and put hassle or pressure on your general contractor and workers.


There are particular things you need to expect when remodeling. 


The first is that your daily routine will get disrupted. With this in mind, you need to start your project if and only if your family has a place to move out temporarily. However, it isn’t necessary if you only remodel the bathroom or kitchen. 


There are moments where you’ll experience loss of electricity, water supply, privacy due to missing windows, and extreme machine noise. If you’re not ready for these disruptions, then stop for a minute or two then think about preparations to solve such disruptions.

The second thing you need to expect is a messy home. Remodeling is far from being organized and note that there is a lot of work here and there. There will be dust everywhere and your things and appliances will be somewhere else. That’s where the challenge and hassle will begin. You need to have patience when you cannot find what you’re looking for or if you ever replace something. 


The third thing you might need to prepare for is your budget. There is a high chance that you’ll go over your set budget. Expect that there would be unexpected expenses such as leaking roof, HVAC repair, insect infestation, mold, or hidden mice. There are also chances that the price of the materials needed will increase or there is the equipment you need to rent or purchase. Along the process, your contractor will also discover some things that need replacement and you need to be ready for that. 


The last thing is the project delays. When you start remodeling, your contractor will give you a timeline, but it would be better to expect that delays are possible. Some reasons for delays include decision changes, material delays, weather delays, and not readily available equipment. If you’ll experience such delays, note that your general contractor will try their best to follow the schedule, but have some patience too because there are factors that they just cannot control. 


Find the right general contractor 

Aside from budget, one challenging task in remodeling is finding the best contractor that would fit your needs and standards. If you’re new to this, you might find yourself stuck in the process of searching for the perfect team. To get you ahead of this, you can follow some steps while discovering the best candidate for your remodeling project.

Get an estimate with the exact requirements on hand

First things first are you need to begin with a plan and a complete list of the services you need for remodeling your home. List all the parts of your house that you want to be remodeled or if it is total home remodeling. Before you call contractors, you need to define exactly what you want from them. From there, you can have the estimate that you are looking for.


Ask for recommendations

If you know someone like a friend or relative who had a remodeling project, you can ask them for suggestions or references. Ask them if they know a general contractor that can handle or specializes in remodeling a house. You can also talk to the staff of local hardware. They might be able to give you contractor referrals.


Shortlist at least five contractors

This is the hardest yet clearer part. When searching for the right one, you need to interview at least 5 general contractors that specialize in remodeling. Note that you want to get an estimate from them and learn about the services they can offer to you. It is also the phase where you’ll compare bids. You need to look at their materials and tasks and decide whether it is a perfect fit for you or not. This is a valuable process so make sure that you do not skip it.


Talk about their availability 

If you’re lucky enough to find credible and reputable contractors, there is a high chance that you’ll find a hard time reaching out for their availability. Quality contractors always have a consistent flow of work, and if you want their services, you need to wait for your turn. You might need to wait for a few months before they can start on your project. So you should anticipate it and call for a general contractor at least three to six months ahead of your target remodeling date.


Inquire about the work of the subcontractors

If you know that your remodeling project would be big, expect that your general contractor will need to hire subcontractors. If this is the case, you might want to ask your general contractor beforehand if your subcontractors will be doing specific tasks such as plumbing, electrical, or detailed carpentry. By doing so, you can expect when there will be outside workers on your property together with the limitations of their work. But there is nothing to worry about it, your general contractor will supervise all the laborers on your property.


Check permits, licenses, and litigation history

Note that a right general contractor should have the necessary permits and licenses to operate. When interviewing or calling contractors, feel free to check their legal papers, especially their business permits and licenses. You do not want to spend your financial resources and risk your property on some fake contractors. Both your general contractor and subcontractors should be licensed and working under your municipality and state’s law. 


Check references

If you can reach out to some of the previous clients of that general contractor, do it. In this way, you can freely ask if their estimate is close enough to the actual costs. Likewise, you’ll know about the relationships they had, You want a contractor that is easy to communicate, transparent, and approachable. Oh and don’t forget to ask for images if possible.


Read online testimonials and reviews

A general contractor company usually has a website. If they have a website, it’s a good sign because you get to know them better. It is also one of the green flags to say that they are legitimate and reputable. Now visit their site, and head to their testimonials and reviews page. This is where you’ll find reviews of their previous clients. Read on and see their ratings and the feedback about their performance. You need to look for three things and these are their pricing, quality of work, and customer service.


Once you’ve gathered and seen the right general contractor for you, it’s time to move forward.


Time for a detailed contract

Now that you are down to the best candidate you have on your list, this is the perfect time to ask for a detailed contract. Typically, your contractor will provide it, but before you sign, read the whole document ten times. See to it that it has every detail such as the scope of work, payment schedules, materials, and deadlines. If you think that the contractor’s contract isn’t detailed enough, feel free to add and write your own or give addendums. In addition, every change and the additional feature should be written in order to maintain transparent and organized work.

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